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Купи и продай криптовалути

Hello! We are sharing an interesting, highly profitable investment project, that is focused on the Asian market.

The official start of the project will be on 17-21 February 2021, so it is the very beginning and you can earn the much more joining now.

Купи и продай криптовалути

Public CEO, who can be contacted by ZOOM or visited in the office in Dubai.

Passive income 10-15% monthly and profitable marketing plan for network leaders.

What is going on now?

The company is actively entering the network marketing market. A lot of leaders are preparing ZOOM conferences and placing people in the binary structure. The CEO often comes out to the media space and informing about the upcoming news.

*You can join my team using the link:

The Legend:

The project is based on bots that are trading cryptocurrency on the Exchanges with certain algorithms. Bots make a profit, the investor gets income. The legend is not new, but here we have a good organization in the form of creating own crypto-wallet and own exchange.

CEO, Phillip Below

The presentation and articles say that the CEO is engaged in the creation of high-tech programs for trading on exchanges. He is already experienced in this area. He lives in Dubai. After the opening of the office in Dubai, we are going to meet him in personally.


Investment packages:

The company provides three investment packages, from $50 to $20,000

Standart – from $50 to $999. Profitability ~ 10% per month. The package works until you receive 250% of your investment.

Mega – from $1000 to $4999. Profitability ~ 12% per month. The package works until you receive 280% of your investment.

VIP – from $5,000 to $20,000. Profitability ~ 15% per month. The package works until you receive 300% of the amount of your investment.

● Dividends accrue every week.

● Withdrawal of dividends takes up to 3 business days.


The company provides binary marketing. So you need to balance two legs (sides) for maximum income.

Binary bonus is 10% from the weaker leg.

Also, there is a Direct Bonus (personal invitation, the partner followed your personal link). This bonus depends on the package you purchased. With the Standart package you get 5% of the partner’s investment amount, with the Mega package – 8% and with the VIP package – 10%.


The company also provides bonuses for the turnover made by you and your team.

With $10,000 turnover in the smaller leg, you get a $500 bonus.

Having $50,000 turnover in the smaller leg, you get $1,000 bonus.

Having $100,000 turnover in the smaller leg, you get another $2,000 bonus

Rolexes, apartments, cars – all of this you can get for the turnover in Antis Capital.

AntisToken & AntisCoin

All investment packages are converting in AntisToken, which is always equal one dollar.

1 AntisToken= 1$

There will be developed an AntisCoin soon, which you will be able to buy with AntisToken. It will let us to earn additional 5-6% monthly + it will be growing in price.

This coin will be immediately listed on Coinmarketcap, and on the Antis Exchange, where everyone will be able to buy it.

Live trading

The personal account provides the opportunity to see the company’s trades in Live mode. Not every project can offer such transparency. That is a huge advantage and shows the high level of professionalism of the company.

Registration instructions:

1). Follow the link:

2). Fill in the registration fields and click “Create Account”

3). Then you will get an email with confirmation of registration (check „offers” and „spam”). After activation, you can get into the account.

How to pay for the package?

  1. On the main page, look for the menu on the left.
  2. Select the item “Refill / Withdraw”.
  3. Choose a payment method (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) and enter the replenishment amount.

4. After replenishment, go to the “Package” menu item. Select the package that you are interested in (Standart, Mega, VIP) and press the “INVEST” button.

5. You can check your purchase in “My Packages”.

Summing up:

We see a good project that is at the launch stage! Now is the time to register and take an advantageous place in the binary to get a sponsor-leg and spillovers. The project has many leaders from all over the world. YouTube channels and chats are already being created, leaders are actively placing their partners in good positions.

P.S. Friends, join our structure! BUT remember about the RISKS !!! All projects you invest in have some risks! Therefore, act smart! Invest only those funds that you can lose in a force majeure situation! Don’t take loans, don’t sell cars and houses, invest only free money! Good luck!



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