Купи и продай криптовалути

We started investing in Antis in the beginning of the year 2021. We were one of the first who believed that Antis will be a long-term profitable and high potential project. That’s why we invested about USD $ 1.1 million in the project.

We were invited to take part in the official start-up of the company in Dubai, in the middle of February, where we heard many promising words from the CEO Philip Belov.

Купи и продай криптовалути

The first warning signs happened in the middle of March when Antis released their product – the Matrix. It was a phenomenal catastrophe. Moreover they took our money with some promises and then we received nothing.

Later on in the middle of April they just decided to completely cut off our accruals without any explanation. Instead of paying us 15% per month they started paying us less than 1/10 of what we were supposed to get. These are ridiculous payments. We calculated that now we would need 6-8 years to break even from the project. When we’re talking about such a scam project, it’s definitely clear that in an year or so it will be gone with all your money!

We are still trying to get in touch with Antis for a Zoom meeting or at least some explanation but obviously nobody cares on their end.

So far we have written thousands of emails and tickets to both the support and to their telegram Antis channel but the result is NOTHING.

We don’t have any other option, but to tell everybody about this scam project and proclaim it in such a way that everyone is aware of what kind of company Antis really is.

We haven’t been paid out even 50% of our initial investment, although many people in our structure believed in the project and reinvested again in the end of March.

Don’t be fooled and don’t be mislead by that actor Philip Belov to invest in Antis. The company is worth nothing! It is a terrible SCAM. You better donate your money to a charity …

SCAM. They don’t pay you. First, you invest and after 1-2 months they stop paying you without any reason.

Do not invest money there, you will lose it.

Philip Belov is an actor. DAMAC is their partner but only on paper. It’s a shame for such a big company to be a partner with those scammers.

It is a SCAM!